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in Cyprus


Welcome Message

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the new website for the Association for Large Investment Projects.  The ultimate purpose of the site is to provide extensive information on the work being done by the association, as well as its promotional and institutional duties which form an integral part of the organisation.

The rapid developments, taking place around us and the impact of the economic crisis on our island, led the organisation to reach a mutual decision, that focus should be given to large investments and project growth, this will eventually boost the economy and help reduce the unemployment rate.  For this reason, we have decided to resume the activities of the Association for Large Investment Projects, representing more than 25 companies operating in Cyprus and whose capital investment of their projects exceeds €8 billion.

By today’s standards, investing in large developments is not an easy task.  But, with the right initiative and responsibility, contributions made by Cypriot business professionals from the private sector, and the correct collaboration and communication with the relevant departments of the State.  We will ultimately be able to convert the crisis into an opportunity which will allow us to cope with this new economic reality.

I, together with all the members of the board of the Association for Large Investment Projects, will work hard and effectively, and through our concerted efforts, the association will reemerge as the voice and contributor to the promotion of large investment projects.  Thereby enabling our country to get back on the path of development and growth for the benefit of the economy, and our society at large.

Andreas Demetriades

Demetriades Photo